Living Insulin Free

Islet Transplant Recipient Testimonies


David Thoen was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 23—which he

considered to be the “prime of his life.” The diagnosis was a huge surprise

that brought many changes to his life. Dave was extremely diligent at trying

to take the best possible care of his self. This diligence had many positive effects, but at the same time there were significant negative consequences.  In 2006, Dave qualified for a clinical trial at the Schulze Diabetes Institute.  He was the recipient of islet transplants in 2008 and 2009. The transplants changed his life, and that of
his family, significantly—as it relates to the care taken, the treatment of, and living
in general with diabetes.

Kathy White had diabetes for twenty-five years and always strived towards

good control. Despite using a insulin pump and using a continuous glucose monitor her glucose levels continued to fluctuate dramatically—I could jump from 35 to 500. Needless to say these fluctuations wreaked havoc on my life. Kathy had read about the Edmonton Protocol and decided to research the transplant and other locations in more detail. She qualified and received an islet cell transplant
at the University of Minnesota; Schulze Diabetes Institute on July 21, 2008. Now, insulin-free since September 20, 2008, Ms. White will discuss her journey through diabetes. Kathy also writes about her journey on her blog.

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